About Us

Some people say looking good requires making an effort. We respectfully disagree.

Baliloca merges stylish design with ultimate comfort. These unique purses fit so well that you’ll even forget you’re wearing them, but are so sleek that others can’t help but noticing.

Using quality leather and a unique patent pending cross-strap design, Baliloca purses help you effortlessly carry your essentials with a weightless feel. The design works both over and under your clothing for distinct or discreet travel.

Wear your Baliloca purse wherever you go; to a club, to your favourite local restaurant, or even to the beaches of Bali, where it all began.

    It all started on a quiet sunny beach in the majestic island of Bali, close to a field of rice paddies. Well, not exactly. It was in a warm hotel room without air conditioning while trying to fill a non-Baliloca purse with travel essentials for a day trip.

    A thought came to us: Wouldn’t it be nice to own a purse that would keep your belongings safe and would stay in place while moving, and free the hands for more important things? A purse that could be worn jogging and then seamlessly on a night out or shopping? From these thoughts, the Baliloca brand was born.

    And our idea was promptly put to the test when a thief on a motorbike targeted our lead designer's first Baliloca prototype while she was walking around Kuta, (Bali). Fortunately for her, due to its unique design, the purse did not budge when the thief attempted to snatch it, and karma was immediately served when the thief lost his balance and crashed his motorbike into a ditch!