Baliloca Handsfree Leather Shoulder Bag Purse

Quite simply, the most sleek and comfortable purse you will ever wear. Incredibly lightweight, the exclusive Baliloca patent pending design includes a stabilizing cross shoulder strap that attaches to the opposite shoulder to create a handsfree purse which assures a snug and stable fit to carry your essentials safely at your side. Lovingly crafted in leather, this purse will turn heads at any type of event.

  • Completely handsfree, the shoulder purse hangs on your side under your arm, and is held in place by an extra strap which fastens over the opposite shoulder for a snug fit, perfect for travel or any activity.
  • Never worry about theft again. The purse is held by two straps instead of one, so they cannot be cut by pickpockets, and it's so lightweight that it can go over or under your clothes.
  • Handcrafted in authentic leather.
  • Patent pending exclusive design.
  • Measures 10.5H X 6W. Depth expands to up to 2 inches when full.
  • Free standard shipping within the USA. (Discounted shipping for Canada and other International). 

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