Inspired by the World

  • We're so glad to meet you!

    Well hello! Thank you, dear reader, for checking out our blog. 

    Here we will write about the things we really care about (and which we hope you share), and of course we'll shamelessly plug every now and then our excellent products - hey, we have to earn a living too.

    But this blog is mainly a safe spot for talking about the Baliloca Lifestyle. And what is this? It's a compendium of our philosophy of life and the little things that make us tick. For example:

    - Traveling around the world - always in style.
    - Meeting new people and taking in new cultures.
    - Dancing all night under the stars.
    - Laughing with friends until our sides hurt.
    - Keeping up with new trends, especially for accessories.
    - Food and other yummies. 
    - Expresso coffee (deserved it's very own bullet point).
    - Flying, biking, hiking, and many other means of transportation ending in -ing.

    We hope to entertain you and give you new ideas so you can enjoy life to the fullest in this wonderful world we live in. After all, we're "Inspired by the World"! 

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