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  • Purses, and especially travel purses, get dirty incredibly easy. All that grime collected during your travels, (coffee stains from Rome, mud from that hiking trip to the Rockies, etc), stains your purses, dulls the colors, and forces you to basically retire your purses early to the depths of your closet. Well, no more!

    Here at Baliloca we created a version of our travel purse completely made in neoprene, in exciting bright colors, and perfect for those rough trips or outdoorsy activities. And the best thing about them? They are completely machine washable! 

    Before we show you how easy they are to wash and maintain to help them stay like new, we need to warn you that this only applies to our neoprene purses, please don't wash your Baliloca leather purses! The leather would be ruined and we'd all be very sad. 

    STEP 1: Prepare your purse, in particular, make sure you have emptied it completely and tied the elastic strap in a tight knot to avoid it getting stuck. 

    Washable bag

    STEP 2: Fill your washing machine with your dirty colored clothes, and choose the cold water settings. Do not wash white clothes or using hot water to avoid any potential color bleeding! 


    STEP 3: Complete the washing along with your other clothes as normal, and when the cycle is finished, just take the purse out and let it dry naturally. Do not use dryer. 

    Take out and dry

    And that is all! Your purse will dry naturally and be ready for your next adventure! To preserve the materials best, do not wash too frequently, it's best to wait until it's apparent that the purse is stained or dirty. 

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  • We pride ourselves in crafting the only cute travel purse out there. Most other travel purses are made of nylon or other fiber, and are boring, so-very-dull and definitely not chic. Let's just say they are "practical". Well, is your only aspiration to be practical? We didn't think so! 

    So celebrating the arrival of the Fall season, we wanted to give you some tips and ideas on how to combine clothes, accessories and your Baliloca purse. Made with the finest leather, our purses can keep your valuables safe while also making a fashion statement. Don't believe us? Just take a look at some outfit combos we received from some great designers when we ran a contest:

    Fall purse outfit combo

    Turn heads with this purse outfit

    The perfect hipster vibe

    Urban purse outfit

    Need any more ideas? You can find more designs and outfit combinations at our Polyvore contest page!

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