Kill the fanny pack with fire - A guide to fanny pack alternatives

It’s not cute and it’s not fashionable. The infamous fanny pack makes any wearer immediately look like a cross between a grown up Steve Urkel and a bloated kangaroo. We know that if you’re reading this you instinctively know that wearing one is a fashion crime against humanity, but you may be tempted by the practicality of wearing your essentials with you and keeping them safe. That’s why we present you with alternatives to wearing this horrible accessory.

Nobody can pull off the fanny pack


Money belts are simply hollowed out regular belts in which you can fit money and few other things. Here are their pros and cons:


  • Seems like a regular belt so it’s pretty inconspicuous. 
  • It’s generally comfortable to wear if you usually wear belts.


  • Usually they do not fit that many things inside, only money can safely be carried, but there is no space for passports, wallet or your phone. 
  • They are incompatible with wearing anything other than pants, (for example you cannot wear a belt if you’re also wearing a skirt).
  • It’s hard to access the money, since you have to take off the whole belt before you can open it to retrieve the contents.



Backpacks are the staple of the budget traveler, (for good reason they are called “backpackers”), but they come in many sizes to adapt to the wearer’s activity. Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of the small backpack as we consider the huge ones a different category with a separate purpose.


  • Has a large capacity and can fit water, maps, food and extra clothing. 
  • It rests comfortably on the back, and the weight is evenly distributed to the shoulders. 


  • They can easily be pickpocketed by someone standing behind you. 
  • They do not really look cool, so they can work well for sightseeing but not for dinner and a drink in a terrace overlooking Paris.


PURSES (Crossbody, shoulder bag, etc)

The most common and best-selling accessory for women , the purse allows the functionality of carrying gear and valuables without sacrificing style.


  • Purses usually fit most of the items you will need for the day – unless you are a hoarder!
  • They come in infinite styles so you can pick whichever matches your current outfit and color.


  • Thieves have an easy time pickpocketing them or cutting the strap with a razor to take the money and run. 
  • They are not useful if any moderate physical activity is required, since they shift around and you have to hold the strap with your hands.
  • After a while, especially when full, they may become uncomfortable.



Popular among some tourists, these items usually involve a standard purse design such as a crossbody or messenger purse, but with some extra safety features added to the mix such as unbreakable straps and slash proof materials.


  • These purses are not easily pickpocketed, although they are visible so they could be taken by force in an aggressive confrontation. 
  • The larger sized ones usually fit most of the items required for a day trip.


  • They are not very good looking, as they are made with safe materials which are not compatible with a great appearance – and probably do not combine well with your clothes.
  • Due to their design, they cannot be worn underneath your clothes if necessary, which means it will be apparent to all that you’re wearing an anti-theft purse, bringing potentially unwanted attention to it. 
  • They are clunky and bulky.  



The Baliloca Hands-Free purses consist of a shoulder bag with an extra strap that fastens across the opposite shoulder, for a snug and stable fit. It’s not only because we designed them (self-promotion wooo!), but really these purses are a godsend for travelers. Their fit is like shown in this picture:


  • It’s completely handsfree, you can do somersaults or cartwheels with it on and it will stay put. 
  • It fits all valuables you will need on a day trip (wallet, keys, phone, makeup…)
  • It’s made in leather and comes in many colors, so it’s cute and can combine with whichever clothes you choose to wear. 
  • It’s completely theft-proof since not only does it stay close to the body and is held by two straps which prevents thieves from slashing the strap and taking the purse, but it’s thin so it can go under a sweater or a coat and nobody will know you’re actually carrying a purse.


  • Not many cons except for the fact that it won’t fit huge books or large items which you may want to carry – it’s an all-purpose bag.

So there you go, these are the alternatives to that ugly scourge of humanity, the fanny pack. Remember, you can’t make a fanny pack look good, but you’re in good company because nobody can really pull it off!

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